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“Take necessary steps to maintain a secure environment devoid of Dengue mosquitoes before the last day of the third school term and starting the first term in 2020” Instructions from the Ministry of Education to the heads of schools…

As there is a risk of spreading Dengue fever throughout the island these days, the Ministry of Education has requested all heads of schools to take necessary actions to clean the school premises and maintain a secured environment with the help of parents before the last day of the third school term and starting the first term in 2020. The Ministry of Education further informs that for the safety of the students who are sitting for the G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination which is due to be held coming December to take necessary steps for fumigation activities on a convenient day before the examination and on a Sunday during the examination without any disturbance to the examination after having discussions with Medical Health Officers and to be sure that there is a safe environment in the school before the examination.


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Last updated: 06 December 2019.