Procurement & Construction

A Wijekoon

Mr.Anuradha Wijekoon 
Additional Secretary
Procurement & Construction (5th Floor)


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Direct Extension
Mr.Anuradha Wijekoon  Additional Secretary 011-2076765 1515

School Supplies Branch


Director of Education
School Supplies Branch (5th Floor)



Supply of learning materials to schools and related institution on time and maintaining the quality by minimizing the storage period in order to provide maximum education service

Distribution of general learning materials to all national schools and special learning materials to all schools as well as related institutions with the coordination of provincial and zonal officials

Functions of the Branch

  • Providing appropriate space to store the goods and equipment in proper ways which are procured by the subject Director through the procurement unit based on the requirement of the each subjects
  • Making arrangements to deliver the goods to the appropriate destinations based on the information provided by the respective subject Directors after obtaining the report from the technical evaluation committees
  • Distributing teaching and learning materials to the appropriate schools which are received as grant
  • Distribution of goods and equipment including chemicals for national schools

-For that-
I.Packing of each and every item ensuring the quality of the item
II.Make special arrangements for the special items as well as items of higher value to maintain the quality.
III.Deliver the items on time using limited resource

Staff Details

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Direct Extension
  Director of Education 011-2784838 1517  
Branch     1516  
Dr UGY Abeysundara

School Buildings Branch

Dr. U.G. Y.Abeysundara 

School Buildings Branch (Ground Floor)




To make safe and comfortable built environment for the community of the educational establishments.

Committed to enforce engineering, architectural and environmental standards for sustainable constructions within the educational establishments.

Functions of the branch

  • Procuring of works: Schools, National ?olleges of EducationTeacher Training Colleges etc.
  • Designing buildings and other infrastructure
  • Technical instruction and skill development
  • Circulars and manuals for construction, repair and maintenance works

Staff Details

Name Designation Telephone No. Fax e-mail
Direct Extension
 Dr. U.G.Y. Abeysundara Director 011-2784866 1014    
Mr. E.A.J. Edirisinghe Engineer Advisor 011-2786976 1018    
Mr. S.W. Palitha Addl. Director 011-2784866 1015    
Mr. C. Kularathna Civil Engineer 011-2786369 1019    
Mrs. W.N. Ajantha Electrical Engineer 011-2785073 1023    
Miss. Priyanka Ranathunga Architect 011-2786847 1017    
Miss. Chamali Somarathna Architect 011-2784842 1020    
Planning Technician Room     1025    
Printing Technician Room     1021    
Branch     1026    



Building Management Branch

Mr. Kamal Athukorala
Building Manager
Building Management Branch (Ground Floo


Creating a pleasurable office environment through providing appropriate services and premises management


Provide desirable office environment to those who use the premises by providing appropriate infrastructure with coordination and management

Functions of the Branch

  • Providing security service
  • Providing cleaning service
  • Maintaining buildings
  • Providing pest control service
  • Providing air-condition service
  • Providing electricity service
  • Providing electric lift and generator service
  • Coordinating water and drainage facility services
  • Coordinating telephone services
  • Providing fire extinguisher service
  • Maintaining an impressive landscaping

Staff Details

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Direct Extension
Mr. Kamal Athukorala Building Manager 011-2784850 1007  
Branch   -do- 1004/1005 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Procurement Branch


Senior Assistant Secretary
Procurement Branch (5th Floor)



Functions of the Branch

  • Preparing procurement plan (ESDG/CF)
  • Preparation bidding documents, issuing and opening
  • Forming Procurement Committee/Technical Committee and activities related convening them & etc.
  • Directing procurement committee and providing the facilities

Staff Details

Name Designation Telephone No. Fax e-mail
Direct Extension
  Senior Assistant Secretary 011-3178338 1545    
Accountant 011-3188179 1445    
Branch   '' 1532    

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