ICT Branch

Calling Applications for Korean Information Technology Training Program

The ICT Teachers, ICT In Service Advisors and ICT Instructors of CRCs could apply for this foreign training program which will be in August 2018.

Common Criteria.

  1. A teacher who teaches ICT as a subject for more than 5 years and has a period of teaching ICT for more than 5 years of uninterrupted, successive service by 20.05.2018.
  •  Age should not be more than 53 years to the date 20/05/2018.
  • Had not obtained the same training previously under the Gwangju – Sri Lanka MoU.
  • Did not obtain any foreign training during last five years (05) offered by the Government under any program.

2. ICT teachers should fulfill below mentioned qualifications other than above common criteria.

  • A member of the officially established National Hardware & Network Solution Team by the Ministry of Education OR
  • A member of National Content Software Development team established by the Ministry of Education OR
  • A teacher who has been actively participated and contributed to the subject related activities (Programs/ workshops/ training programs) conducted by the Ministry of Education.

     3. Instructors of Provincial and Zonal ICT Centers should fulfill the below mentioned qualifications other than above common              criteria. 

  • A Provincial/ Zonal ICT instructor attached to ICT resource center who has actively maintaining the Centers and conducting the courses with more than 5 years of uninterrupted service by 20/05/2018 and he/she has to submit details of courses that he/ she had coordinated by providing the records of number of students to prove.

     4. In service advisors (ISAs) should fulfill below mentioned qualifications other than above common criteria.

  • More than 3 years of service as an ISA and perform as a master trainer of the ICT subject trainings and contributed for the National level initiatives which relevant to the subject using their knowledge & special skills other than the assigned task as an ISA.

Kindly submit the certified copies of below mentioned documents along with the application


Certified Documents to be handed over

CRC Instructor


Details of courses coordinated and a copy of duty assigning letter.(all details and documents should be certified by Zonal Director and the Provincial/ Zonal ICT director)

ISAs appointed for ICT subject

Appointment letter as an ISA and Duty list (should certify by the Zonal Director of Education and the Provincial / Zonal ICT Director.)

ICT teachers

School time table of year 2018.( should be certified by the Principal of the relevant school and the Zonal Director of Education.)

Submission of Application
The completed application along with certified copies of documents to prove the above mentioned details and with relevant recommendations should be submitted to the Provincial ICT Director on or before 14th May 2018.
For consideration: The applications sent directly to the Ministry of Education will be rejected.



Information & communication Technology Championship Competition-2017


  • Awareness Posters

1. Details of the Applicant

1. National Level School Software Competition (NSSC)

2. Young Computer Scientist Competition(YCS)

3Creative Teacher Competition

2.Forwarding Documents

1.National Level School Software Competition (NSSC)

i. Registration form

2.Young Computer Scientist Competition(YCS)

i. Registration form

ii. Entry submission form (submitwiththe CD)

3. Creative Teacher Competition  

i. Registration form-For Teachers

ii. Entry submission form (submit the CD) -For Teachers

i. Registration form- For Teacher Trainers

ii. Entry submission form (submit the CD)- For Teacher Trainers  

  •  Any further details about this Competition could be obtained from Director, Information and Communication Technology  Branch, 4th Floor, Ministry of Education, Isurupaya, Battaramulla.

Training for the establishment of school computer protection and event response groups

The objectives of the establishment of school computer protection and event response groups are the prevention of risks that may happen to the students in relation to the internet and to generate a strong mental capacity that is needed to face such unexpected happening. In order to achieve this objective, the first four day workshop was held from 18.10.2016 to 21.10.2016 by the Information and Communication Technology Branch of the ministry of education and the Sri Lanka Information and Communication Technology Agency. Fifty trainers selected from zonal levels were trained in this workshop and the lectures were handled by the Sri Lanka Emergency Response Society, National Child Protection Authority and the UNICEF. Sri Lanka Telecommunication Regulatory Commission also assisted for this program. The matters such as the law related to the internet, events management and provision of reliefs to the people who have confronted with internet problems were discussed at this workshop.

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