The largest collection of primitive cave drawings of the island was found in Siyambalanduwa, Monaragala

an2The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has given instructions and necessary guidance to the officers to do the Archeological excavations and conservations on a scientific basis obtaining the assistance of modern expertise and technical instruments. Accordingly the Department of Archeology is taking steps to do archeological excavations and to expedite the explorations in the areas where the archeological explorations have not been done yet.

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During the explorations done in Wasthubegala or Wettambugala, Kivuleyaya in Siyambalanduwa Divisional Secretariat Division in Monaragala district, a collection of about 200 to 300 drawings belonging to the category of primitive cave drawings has been found and this is the largest collection of primitive cave drawings found so far in the island.

This cave is 75 meters long and 20 meters high. Below the Katarama of the cave, a cave inscription written in pre-bhrahmi characters that belongs to old Sinhala language in the 3 – 2 centuries B.C. has also been found. There are two stone inscriptions also in the rock situated above this cave. The Archeologists say that according to these stone inscriptions it is revealed that this cave had been named as “Sumana Rock” and belongs to the era of the king Mahanaga who escaped to Ruhuna during the reign of king Dewanampiyatissa and this cave had been offered to the monks.

Among the sketches drawn on a space of 60 meters long and 03 meters high in the cave, there are pictures of human beings, animals, signs and various symbols. The view of the Archeologists about these drawings is the people who lived in the pre-historic or historic age have drawn these pictures with bewitching purposes. Before this, a large number of primitive age cave drawings have been found from the areas like Thantirimalaya, Billewa, Rajagala and Gonagolla.

The Department of Archeology says that it has been possible to discover a several fresh clues about the ancient heritage due to the archeological explorations done to find out the ancient heritage of independent Sri Lanka. The minister of education has instructed the officers to inform him about any issue arising during the process of these activities.

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