Let’s get ready for an independent future strengthened through conciliation

SiteWe are celebrating the 69th national independent day this time. We must remember respectfully the service rendered by all communities including Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burger and others for achieving the independence liberating Sri Lanka that had been a colony of imperialists.

The independence will be a practical reality when a society is created where the responsibilities are recognized and fulfilled, the rights are protected and the responsibility and the accountability are properly understood. In the process of creating such a society, a great responsibility lies with the system of education. As the citizens of a country where the right to free education has been ensured we must remember respectfully Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara who devoured for that purpose. As a result of his utmost dedication all the children in Sri Lanka today have the right to pursue with their education from primary to higher education free of charge.

The freedom will not be a reality just obtaining it from somebody else but by enjoying it meaningfully. Our responsibility is to dedicate ourselves for ensuring and expanding the right to free education enjoyed by the children of the country today. Our expectation is to take more people friendly decisions that could be and should be taken for that purpose without considering mere popularity.

As such, there are so many things that should be achieved as a country in order to enjoy the independence freely. It will be ensured by the creation of a society where the law, justice and equity and the human rights are protected. The aim of the government is to dedicate for that purpose. I cordially invite all the citizens of Sri Lanka to join hands with us to enlighten all hearts with good expectations and add a real strength to the march we have taken with the national responsibility of brightening the future of our children bearing a correct vision as the minister of education of the country.

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