Everything is ready for the distribution of relief package including uniforms and textbooks to the school children affected by the disaster situation

repackThe Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam instructed the officers recently to take necessary actions for issuing a special relief package to restart the educational activities of the school children who suffered from the disaster situation.

Accordingly, the ministry of education has taken steps to provide a relief package which contains the material worth of nearly 10,000 rupees to all affected children. The national schools and leading business institutions have joined with the ministry of education for this program. The donations of material collected by the national schools throughout the country were brought to the ministry of education since last Wednesday. The last stage of sorting out and re-packaging of these items for distribution is being done at the moment.

These packaging activities are going on at the moment speedily with the participation of the staffs of the ministry of education and also the school children. The relief package provided to the children by the ministry of education contains 3 sets of cloth for uniforms, a voucher for shoes, textbooks and the exercise books. In addition to this, the national schools and the business institutions have provided some additional donations of school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, garments, exercise books and hygienic items and the steps have also been taken to include these items in the package. It has been planned to distribute these items within next few weeks among the school children affected by the disaster situation.

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