Allocation of 8 billion rupees for the promotion of hygienic facilities in the schools

wash- Steps for making the subject Computer Information and Communication Technology compulsory
- Attention is drawn to allow school children to wear garments covering the body for the protection from Dengue mosquitoes

The Minister of Education expressed that during the two years period since the good governance government came into power, 8 billion rupees allocations have been provided to the schools in order to promote the hygienic facilities in the schools and the construction work of 26,000 toilets is scheduled to be finished at the end of this year.

The minister stated this at the function held at the premises of Apegama yesterday (04) to hand over the cheques to principals of the schools selected for sanitary health promotion program (WASH).

The minister further stated that the steps will be taken to achieve the target of providing sanitary facilities to the schools in the country according to the international sanitary criteria of the availability of one toilet for fifty school children and one toilet for fifty teachers.

The minister stated that the actions will be taken to make the subject Information and communication Technology compulsory in the school curriculum because it has become an essential field of learning at present and it can be implemented successfully through recruiting qualified teachers adequately to teach that subject. And also the actions will be taken by the ministry of education to take only the teachers with degrees relevant to the subject they teach when the graduates are recruited.

The minister mentioned that a large number of school children have been affected by Dengue menace and therefore a special program is being implemented in the schools to maintain proper sanitary environment. According to the studies done by the ministry of education and also by the health sector on the spread of Dengue it has been revealed that majority of the girl students and the boy students in primary grades who wear shorts have been affected by the disease. The reason for this is the most part of their body being uncovered. As a temporary solution for this, action has been taken to issue a circular within next few days allowing the girl students to wear another suitable dress in addition to the normal frock and the boys in lower grades to wear long trousers instead of shorts only during these days in the Dengue prone areas. Instructions have already been sent to take necessary steps to prevent the Dengue menace according to the instructions of the health sector and to implement the anti-Dengue programs in the schools.

As a main project of the school sanitary program conducted by the ministry of education with the intention of creating a healthy and active generation of children, the water and sanitation promotion program under the theme of “Sanitation to the front” is implemented in the schools.

At this function the minister handed over the cheques worth of 1869 million rupees to 1633 schools for improving the sanitary facilities in the schools in line with the 2017 budget proposals.

A gathering including the State Secretary of Education Mr. Thissa Hewawithana and ministry officials participated in this occasion.

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