“Actions will be taken for the advancement of Archeological field without giving in to any political influence” – The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam

priiMore than two hundred and fifty thousand valuable Archeological sites in the country have been identified so far and it is his expectation to act responsibly using the powers vested on him through the Antiquities Ordinance for the conservation of valuable Archeological sites and monuments without yielding to any political influence, says The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.

The minister expressed these ideas while participating in the Archeological conference held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute to mark the Archeological Day which falls on today (07).

The previous government was unable to conserve the valuable Archeological sites properly and due to some unsuitable reconstructions and buildings in Archeological sites even the Archeological value of those places has been destroyed, the minister said. Within the field of Archeology there must be a set of people within the field of Archeology with a proper eye, open mind and a heart sensible to the national heritages and it is a saddening fact that some people have taken decisions without any foresightedness and then blame the government and the minister in charge of the subject for hiding their faults, the minister expressed.

It is a contemporary requirement to provide opportunities to the Archeologists in our country for acquiring international level expertise for the research studies in the field of Archeology and the minister expressed that he is ready to provide allocations for this purpose through a cabinet paper in addition to the funds available in the Department of Archeology. The minister further mentioned that it is essential the knowledge of international level conservation methods in order to uplift the field of Archeology.

Further actions will be taken to provide grants to the new research studies done in the field of Archeology and the publication grants for writers of the same field and also the support of all scholars including the learned prelates is sought for the development of Archeological field, the minister stated at this occasion. At this Archeological conference, 26 scientific reports consisted of the outcomes of research studies done in the last year in the areas of heritage management, frescoes and field Archeology were presented.

In addition to that, the launching of “Dayada” magazine which is published annually by the Department of Archeology and launching of 8 books written on the field of Archeology were occurred under the patronage of the minister.

And also the inauguration of the Geographical information Web Portal which contains the information on Archeological sites and monuments in Sri Lanka was occurred.

Several scholars including the Director General of Archeology Professor P.B. Mandawala, the Director General of Central Cultural Fund Mr. Prashantha Gunawardana and the former Director General of Archeology Dr. Shiran Deraniyagala had joined in this occasion.


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