Special investigation under the direction of the minister of education about the participation of school children in protest marches

minister spThe incidents of the participation of school children in protest marches obstructing their education under the misleading influence of some sections have been reported recently and the Minister of Education has instructed the officers to do a special investigation in this regard and submit a report.

The ministry of education had received several complaints regarding the inducement of school children for the participation in illegal protest marches without the consent of their parents or teachers by some sections with the intention of achieving their political aims. It had been mentioned in the most of them that various sections had gathered near the schools and tried forcefully to take students involved in those activities.

The parents have mentioned in their letters that some people have used the children in primary section also to engage in protests in order to fulfill their political objectives. Most of the parents have mentioned that it is a sad event the school children becoming political cat’s paws of some extremist groups due to such protests which are conducted sabotaging the education of school children who are enjoying the effects of free education and forcing mental inducements upon them.

However the ministry of education has already issued a circular preventing school children participating in such protests and meetings during the school hours and the objective of this is to ensure the protection of the school children and the continuation of their educational activities without any obstruction. Moreover The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam has instructed the officers to do an immediate investigation about the reported incidents of engaging small children in protests illegally and submit a report on that matter and to take necessary measures for maintaining the discipline of schools in order to safeguard the education and the safety of the school children. And also the minister mentioned that the parents must work with responsibility for the safety of their children after school hours.

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