A special communiqué from the Department of Examinations to the candidates of the General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) new/old syllabus Examination and the principals of relevant schools and the parents…..

olGeneral Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) new/old syllabus Examination -2017

The General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) Examination which is scheduled to be held under the new and old syllabuses from 12.12.2017 till 21.12.2017 will start at 08.30am and all the candidates must come to the examination centers mentioned in their admission cards before 08.00am.

It is compulsory to bring the national identity card or valid passport together with the admission card when they come to the exam center. Before coming to the examination the admission card must be thoroughly examined for the important facts such as the subjects applied by the candidate, the medium and the attestation of the signature. If there is any difference, that must be informed to the Department of Examinations using the following telephone numbers.

Furthermore, the supervisors of the examination centers have been sensitized to draw special attention about the examination frauds done by the candidates using Smart watches, mobile phones and electronic devices. The candidates doing such offences will be punished by suspending from all examinations conducted by the Department of Examinations for five years and also the actions will be taken to cancel the results of the present examination.

All the instructions have been provided to the supervisors to inform the police and the Department of Examinations immediately if any disturbance happens from the outside parties when the examination is in progress. Any unauthorized person must not enter the examination center when the exam is being conducted. The principals of the schools where the examination is held must be careful to act accordingly since it has been prohibited to hold meetings of the sport festivities, conducting classes and the construction work within those schools.

The exam candidates and the parents also can inform the Department of Examination if somebody does some cheating or misdeed within the examination hall.

Please use the following telephone numbers to inquire about or to make complains regarding this examination.

Hot number of the Department of Examination - 1911

School Examinations Organization Branch - 0112784208 / 0112784537 / 0113188350 / 0113140314

Police Heardquarters - 0112421111

Police Hot line - 119

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