Let’s be the real owners of a victorious independence

minister speakThe remarkable incident of becoming our country independent after a period of 133 years of imperial rule happened 70 years earlier from today. We can never forget at this moment of celebrating the 70 years of independence the immense dedication of all Sri Lankans belonging to all ethnic groups who loved the country, appeared bravely for the independence of the country and ultimately sacrificed their lives for the country. First of all I commemorate all of them with due respect.

AS during the period of seven decades after obtaining the independence, it has been occurred to us to talk about the freedom further and to provide interpretations for real human independence. People still struggle for the freedom of thought, freedom of speech and also the freedom of life.

Some people have forgotten the world and still trapped in an island mentality while not wanting to get released from it.

But now we have abundant space to develop freely through the constantly changing education, culture and technology. We have the atmosphere to mingle with the world economically, socially and culturally. But some people among us have failed to identify correctly that freedom so far. Now we have to strive through education for uplifting the nation to be free completely from the poverty and from the discriminations of race, caste and creed by making the failures to be the winners.

Implementing that strive, we have introduced many policy measures recently making a remarkable change in the field of education in order to provide full participation in the development of the country. It is an essential national responsibility to empower the education system of the country for emancipation of the society that has been lost in ignorance, misbeliefs and lack of education. Therefore let’s determine to fulfill that responsibility and to be the proud owners of victorious freedom as the independent citizens of a free country.

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