Hon. Education Minister's Message

A distinctive endeavour has been entrusted with the Ministry of Education for the development of the future of the nation. The Ministry of Education is consisted of a large segment of officials, principals, teachers, school children and their parents

working within the purview of the ministry and common masses those who are benefitted from the education system. Therefore, I consider the development of the quality of general education is a significant basic task by gradually increasing the budgetary allocations for education with the aim of making the ministry an excellent institution through the process of good governance.

It is expected to make “the nearest school the best school” through the provision of excellently managed school system consisted of all physical and human resources for the creation of a dignified future generation without any racial, religious or cast discrimination. Through this, it will be possible to reduce the competitive environment in urban schools, to provide excellent learning opportunities and to provide equal opportunities for all and to generate a skilled human resource that can make the future of the nation a prosperous one.

The major task of the official web site of the Ministry is to provide necessary information about the duties, activities and services of the Ministry of Education to its clients and the international community and I believe the local and international users of this web site will support to make these services more meaningful through their responses, views and suggestions.


Akila Viraj Kariyawasam (MP)
B.A, LLB, Attorney -at-Law

Hon. Minister of Education            

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