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Steps were taken to recruit the really talented for the promotion of sports sector despite many objections – The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam

For the promotion of school sports section, the priority was given to recruit the talented in the sports field who had obtained international, national and provincial level achievements in addition to the people who had higher educational results at ordinary level and advanced level, said The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam while addressing the function held recently at Maliyadewa College, Kurunegala for the presentation of appointments to 548 school sports trainers who had completed their orientation training program. 

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Issuing of G.C.E. O/L and A/L certificates online is started for the first time

So far issuing of General Certificate of Education ordinary level and advanced level certificates by Sri Lanka Department of Examinations happened in a way that the applicants had to come to the Department of Examinations and apply for them.

In this process some issues such as the applicants having the difficulty of coming to the Department of Examinations from any part of the island and the spending more time for the process of issuing certificates as a large number of applicants coming daily, had come up. Providing a proper solution to this problem, a program has been implemented to take the help of digital technology for this purpose under the instructions of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.      

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Recruiting of new students for Colleges of Education

Interviews will be commenced from the third week of June 2019 for the enrolment of two batches, simultaneously, for the course on Diploma in Teaching conducted by the National Colleges of Education (NCoEs) based on the G.C.E ( Advance Level) results of year 2016 and 2017.


The valid period of the school uniform vouchers printed for first year school children has been extended.

The valid period of the school uniform vouchers that had been printed for first year school children of 2019 was due to end on 30.04.2019. But considering the current situation of the country the Ministry of Education has decided to extend that valid period until 20.05.2019.


About the Arabic Schools and Madrasa Schools which have been alleged to spreading extremism…

It must be emphasized that any of the Arabic Schools or Madrasa Schools which have been alleged to be socializing the Islam extremist ideologies are not implemented or monitored by the Ministry of Education. It was observed recently that some groups and individuals issuing statements saying that these schools have been established under the Ministry of Education and therefore the Ministry of Education is responsible for the teachings of extremist ideologies in these schools.

All these statements are baseless and we emphasize that these Arabic Schools or Madrasa Schools are not been implemented in any of the places belonging to national schools, provincial schools, government approved private schools, special assisted schools or Pirivenas that come under the control of the Ministry of Education. It has been further confirmed by the officials and we also inform that the Ministry of Education does not have any authority to monitor these places.


The starting of second school term has been postponed until 6th of May.

Considering the current situation of the country, it has been decided to postpone the starting of the second school term of all schools in the country until 6th of May.

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The Second School term commence on 29th Monday

Hon. Akila Viraj Kariyawasam states that the 1st school term vacation 2019 has extended til 28th April, hence the second school term will commence on Monday 29th April. 

Since the pre service trainees of National Colleges of Education are already on their studies in hostels, their examination will be commenced from 26th April as informed earlier Hon Minister further stated


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Mr. Nihal Ranasingha assumes duties as the new Secretary to the Ministry of education

Mr. Nihal Ranasingha assumed duties as the new Secretary to the Ministry of education recently.

He is an officer of the special grade of the Public Administrative Service who has held various posts in public administrative service for more than 27 years and has obtained a degree on project management from Sri Jayawardanapura University and master’s degree on state management.    

His first appointment was in 1991 as the Assistant Divisional Secretary in Kurunegala and then he held various posts at district and provincial levels such as Assistant District Secretary, Provincial Assistant Secretary of North Western Province and Provincial Director of Industries.

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Island wide 200 constructions of the project of ‘the nearest school is the best school’ to be added to the system of education

It has been planned to include in the national education system 200 completed constructions in 200 schools throughout the country that has been built under the nearest school is the best school project implemented under the directions of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam. 

These constructions have been made covering all the provinces in the island and it has been scheduled to open a number of constructions including two or three storied classroom buildings, primary learning resource centres, technical colleges of education, administrative buildings, laboratories, auditoriums, dental medical centres, aesthetic units, principals’ and teachers’ quarters in difficult areas, student hostels, technical units, multi-purpose buildings and canteens. Nearly Rs. 3938 million has been spent for these 200 constructions.    

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Strict measures to fill the principal vacancies in national schools without any political interference

The effort made by Lanka Teacher Service Association to mislead the public saying that the present government is avoiding proper appointments to the principal posts in 302 national schools out of the total number of 354 national schools under the ministry of education is thoroughly condemned.

After the present government came into power, The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam took steps to make necessary appointments to all posts in the ministry of education following a proper procedure without any political interference.

The steps were taken to fill the vacancies in all posts in Sri Lanka Principal Service, Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service and Teacher Educationist Service through relevant competitive examinations and interviews. And the placements and promotions were also done according to the accepted methodologies.

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