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A media briefing to sensitize the current situation of Dambulla cave temple

A media briefing was held at the Department of Government Information yesterday (04) with the headship of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam to sensitize the current situation of the Dambulla cave temple.

At this occasion the minister explained several matters including the illegal constructions made in the premises of the historical Dambulla cave temple and the previous management done causing harm to the frescoes of the temple, the warning of removing the Dambulla cave temple from the list of world heritage, starting the conservation work according to the recommendations submitted by the Professor Varner Smith of  International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM) in Italy which is an internationally accepted institute for frescoes preservation,

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The Minister of Education says he is ready to do everything necessary for the protection of heritage of the country

The necessary instructions for implementing the conservation activities of the frescoes in Dambulla cave temple were given after receiving the information from the incumbent priests of that temple regarding those frescoes in the verge of decaying. Since the UNESCO has warned this temple is in the disadvantaged position of removing from the world heritage list because of the present condition of the temple, he interfered with this matter the minister said. The minister of education further says that some people accuse him as “Bahirawaya” when he interferes in this matter.  

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Special discussion on the service issues of the principals

A special discussion headed by the Secretary of Education was held yesterday (28) at the ministry of education with the representatives of trade unions of principals about the issues emerged in the principals’ service.

At this occasion they submitted several demands including the backdating and offering one and same date for all the appointments given in different instances in the years 2009, 2010, 2012, and 2014 on the results of principals’ service examination held in 2006 according to the previous service minute, Releasing from the necessity of qualifying language proficiency in English the link language within 3 years from the date of appointment to the principal service mentioned under the clause 9 of Sri Lanka Principals’ Service Minute and releasing from the language requirements that should be fulfilled according to the public administration circular number 1/2014.

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New memorandum of understanding for Nenasa television channel introducing several new education programs

The Nenasa educational TV channel which was started as a pilot project in 2005 using only 5 schools now has become an official educational TV channel with the official connections with 2250 schools. Nenasa educational TV channel is implemented jointly by the ministry of education and Dialog Asiata Company and telecast 30 minutes lessons covering the syllabuses of Science, Mathematics, Sinhala Language and Literature, English, Geography, History, Information and Communication Technology, Entrepreneurship Studies and Business and Accountancy for G.C.E. (O/L) grades 10 and 11. The video programs providing co-curricular additional knowledge and current affairs educational programs are telecast through Dialog channel number 25 and 26 targeting the school community.

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The date of receiving applications for the admissions to the grade one of the government schools in 2018 has been extended till 10.07.2017.

It was scheduled to end the receiving of applications for the admissions to the grade one of the government schools for 2018 on 30th June 2017. But the ministry of education has decided to extend the date for receiving those applications till 10th July 2017 considering the demands asking for the extension of the closing date.

However, it is further instructed for the parents who have not posted their applications so far, to hand over a copy of the application signed by them to the principal of the school and obtain a letter from the principal.

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The distribution of the relief package consisted of uniforms and textbooks by the ministry of education to the school children affected by the disaster situation are started. Immediate measures to rebuild all damaged school buildings

The distribution of special relief package provided by the ministry of education for restarting the educational activities of the school children who were drastically affected by the recent disaster situation was started today (23) with the patronage of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam.

At this occasion The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam stated that an estimate report has already prepared about all damaged school buildings and equipment due to the disaster and it has been planned to rebuild all those buildings in a high standard and to provide necessary equipment under the “nearest school is the best school program”. These plans have submitted to the cabinet for necessary approval.

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In relation to the information published in print media, social media web sites and trade union statements about a teacher subjected to a transfer as a result of writing poems in his own Face Book page

First of all I express that these media reports have been published depending on false information.

It is mentioned with responsibility that an inquiry has not been conducted by the Ministry of Education only in relation to writing poems in his face book page by a teacher of Kuliyapitiya Central College.

According to a complaint made by the principal of this school saying that when the activities of the school are properly implemented, several teachers in the same school are creating obstacles and therefore asking to take necessary steps for

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Don’t be trapped in the irresponsible statements misleading the parents and children while local and foreign certifications are available accepting grade 7 Geography textbook to be safe and healthful

The “Divaina” newspaper had reported on 11.06.2017 that when printing the grade 7 Geography textbook for 2017 it has created an unhealthy condition for school children by using artificial papers instead of normal papers. Further the Government Medical Officers’ Association also had expressed views on this matter misleading the people. Therefore actions were taken to issue this communiqué.

The school children faced a great inconvenience due to the destruction of their textbooks during the natural disasters happened recently. Therefore the attention of the government was drawn to produce the textbooks resistant to such conditions.

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Laptop computers for 108 Teacher Center Managers and 19 Colleges of Education

Following the instructions of The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam the distribution of laptop computers and Dongals to the Managers of 108 Teacher Centers that have been established to implement the continuous teacher training and 19 Colleges of Education happened yesterday (14) at the auditorium of the ministry of education.

With the intention of making the teaching and learning process more effective through the modern technology, 105 laptop computers allocating one for 108 Teacher Centers and 2 for each College of Education were distributed.

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Steps are been taken to fill all teacher vacancies in National Schools within one month

The Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam instructed the officers to take necessary steps to fill the teacher vacancies in all national schools and to maintain the administrative and educational activities properly without any obstacle. He instructed further to take immediate actions for balancing the existing teacher cadre in national schools according to the information about the shortages and excesses of teachers in them. The instructions were also given to transfer the teachers who are working in the same national school for a long time and to take necessary measures to appoint the qualified provincial teachers who have been released from the provincial service for the available vacancies in national schools. In addition to this, the minister also mentioned that immediate measures will be taken to solve the problems of teachers with different grades.

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