The Minister of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports Dallus Alahapperuma states that it is a positive trend for the future wellbeing of the country that the school children are leaning towards innovations. The minister expressed this while presenting his congratulations to two students who have made some innovative productions and met the minister at the premises of the Ministry of Education yesterday (12).

The minister expressed his appreciations to Rohitha Pushpadevan a student of Shaivaprakasha Girls’ College, Vavuniya who introduced a new instrument which has the capacity to identify the blood sugar level without obtaining blood and A.L. Tharushika Dilantha a student of the Technology section of Kuruwita Central College who produced a replica of a helicopter. The minister blessed these two students for their future success.
The minister also instructed the officers to look into the possibility of providing some employment opportunities under the Ministry of Education to the mother of Rohitha Pushpadevan. She has been struggling to encourage and support her daughter’s dedication to innovative skills while facing many economic difficulties after the demise of the father of her daughter during the past war time. The minister also instructed to check their qualifications and give the same opportunity to the father of Tharushika Dilantha the student who produced a replica of a helicopter. He also supports for his son’s future wellbeing while experiencing many economic difficulties.