The Ministry of Education has issued a code of instructions about how to conduct the arrival and the departure of academic staff of schools in relation to the process of reopening the government schools and government approved private schools that had been closed due to the spread of Covid 19 virus.   

This instruction letter emphasizes that in the face of current uncertain situation, only the teachers who have been given the class timetables and other duties such as management, disciplinary and health activities must be called to the schools with the aim of minimizing the gathering of people in schools during the first stage (from 06th of July to 17th of July) and the second stage (from 20th of July to 24th of July) of reopening the schools.   

Furthermore, the principals have been informed that the teachers who have not been given any duty or timetables for teaching must not be called to the school during these stages and the teachers entrusted with the duties must report to the work at 7.30 am and the opportunities must be given to them to leave the school when their allocated duties were finished.

And also, the instructions have been given saying that all the teachers must call for duties at 7.30 am and remain in the school until 1.30 pm as usual during the third stage (from the 27th of July) and the teachers who have been given the timetables to work till 3.30 pm must stay in the school until the end of that period.  

All the officers in the academic staff reporting to work from the 27th of July must sign their arrival and departure in the appropriate attendance register (general 18) as usual. 

The letter containing these instructions has been already directed to all Provincial Chief Secretaries, Provincial Education Secretaries, Provincial Directors of Education, Zonal Directors of Education, Heads of Pirivenas and all principals. 



 Receiving applications for admitting students to grade 12 for learning vocational subject stream in Advanced Level under the 13 years ensured education program, is postponed until 20th  of July.

For this purpose, the relevant applications and the list of schools where the vocational subject stream is implemented can be obtained by entering the website of the ministry of education and also for more information enquiries can be made by using the telephone number 0112 787136 of the Education for All Branch of the ministry of education.

Furthermore, the opportunity has been provided for obtaining more details about the vocational subjects available in the schools where the vocational subject stream is taught in each province by addressing the provincial coordinating officers using the following telephone numbers.  





Southern Province        – Mr. Chamil Ganegoda (Assistant Director of Education)  0912233164 – 0703017401

Northern Province        – Mr. T. Thevadas (Assistant Director of Education) 0772342140

Uva Province               – Mr. D.M.G.K. Disanayaka (Assistant Director of Education) 0552229827 -0777614333

Central Province          – Mr. A. Abeywikrama (Assistant Director of Education) 0812224041 -0719783574

North Central Province – Ms. E.M.B.S. Ekanayaka (Deputy Director of Education) 0252225222 -0718077583

Sabaragamuwa Province – Ms. C.R. Mataraarachchi (Deputy Director of Education) 0452222403 -0718027590

Western Province – Mr. Prabhath Withanage (Deputy Director of Education) 0112883470 -0718617295

Eastern Province – Mr. S. Shahid (Assistant Director of Education)  0262222110 - 0764936661

North Western Province – Mr. U.G. Uyangoda (Deputy Director of Education) 0372221362 -0718197307  

The opportunity has been given to any student who sat for the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level Examination and also the students can select any vocational subject according to their preference from among the 26 vocational subjects introduced under the Vocational Subject Stream.

Advanced Level Vocational Subject Stream is being already implemented in 311 schools representing all education zones throughout the island and the actions have been taken to start vocational subject stream in another 112 schools from this year representing all educational divisions. The students following this vocational subject stream will be provided a theoretical training in the selected vocational subject within the school and a job oriented training in collaboration with a vocational institution during their study period. All students learning the Advanced Level Vocational Subject Stream will receive the National Vocational Qualification Level 4 certificate (NVQ Level 4) and the proficiency certificate confirming the pass of advanced level issued by the Sri Lanka Examinations Department. And also the students will receive a Rs. 500/= daily allowance according to their attendance during their vocational training period.




At the Ministers’ meeting held today, a lengthy discussion was held about the reopening of educational institutions and handing over them to the students. Accordingly it was decided to commence grades 1 and 2 in all schools and all the preschools in the island on the 10th of August in line with the guidelines provided by the Director General of Health Services.

And also HE the President has provided instructions to the Ministry of Education, all provincial ministries of education and all local government institutions to supervise properly the sanitizing activities in each school.

The commencement of residential educational activities for the second year trainees (2017 / 2019 batch) in the National Colleges of Education will be done from 07th of July till 31st of July. The Ministry of Education has made arrangements to start the education activities for the first and second year teacher trainees in Teacher Training Colleges from 07th of July.

The attachment of third year trainees (2016 / 2018 batch) of the National Colleges of Education to the schools for their internship training will also commence from 07th of July till 31st of July.   

Furthermore, the arrangements have been made to attach the second year trainees (2017 / 2019 batch) of the National Colleges of Education to the schools for their internship training on the 10th of August.

The residential educational activities of the first year trainees (2018 / 2020) of the National Colleges of Education will start on the 17th of August.

The Ministry of Education requests from all parents, principals and the teachers to be vigilant to protect the health of their children without deviating from hygienic habits even though the country and the educational institutions are rapidly coming to normal situation.    


-It is not necessary for all teachers to remain in school until 3.30 pm. It is enough to complete the scheduled learning periods according to the timetable.

The Ministry of Education has already informed all provincial and zonal authorities and also the heads of schools to make necessary arrangements for reopening all schools in Sri Lanka for children from the 06th of July.  

The instructions have been given to the principals to draw their full attention for providing the basic facilities in the school premises such as the sick rooms and hand washing facilities in accordance with the correct health protection guidelines provided by the Director General of Health. The parents are also informed not to send their children to schools if they show the symptoms of  suffering from fever, cough, cold or any other disease. 

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education states that during this period of time implementing the proposed special program for reopening the schools, it is sufficient for teachers to remain in the school only to teach within the relevant periods allocated in the timetable and it is not necessary for all teachers to stay in the school until 3.30 pm unless the principal has entrusted them with some extra duties. 

It is further informed that the regular time must be inserted in the attendance registers maintained for marking the arrival and departure of the teachers or in the temporary register maintained for this purpose during this period of time. The teachers, who complete the teaching activities within the allocated periods according to the timetable, must be given the opportunity to leave the school. 

It is requested from the principals to avoid from organizing the term tests, sport competitions or any other extra-curricular activities during this period of time and to provide the necessary background only to learning process in the school while understanding the negative influence happened to the educational activities of the children by reason of closing down the schools due to the challenge of Covid.   

As of the instructions given by the Hon. Minister of Education it is decided to conduct the online survey to obtain the opinion to held the GCE (A/L) Examination on 7th of September 2020. Accordingly, please use the link given below to submit your opinion. The deadline of this survey is 10-07-2020.